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Magnus Light ML-350 COB

Magnus Light LED grow lights have been developed in collaboration with Parus, a manufacturer of LED lighting with over 10 years of experience in horticulture and multilayer cultivation. Also, Magnus Light lighting is widely used in horticulture. In the past four years Magnus Light worked with Parus to this air-cooled LED grow lights with COB (Chip on Board) technology, specifically designed for the consumer who wants to grow his own plants. COB technology is known as the most powerful and efficient LED technology available today.

The expert and professional background of the developers has resulted in a series of LED grow lights with optimum colour balance, light distribution, efficiency and longevity. In comparison with an HPS or MH culture lamp provides a Magnus Light LED grow lamp 50% energy savings in the same light intensity in micromoles, or at least two times as much ÁMol at the same power consumption. Magnus Light LED grow lights thereby have a much lower temperature than HPS grow lights release but generate enough heat to warm the environment to the optimum temperature. Special Magnus Spectrum ensures moreover that the ideal leaf temperature (> 26 degrees) is reached, which is very important for most crops to take full nutrients and not stagnate. Magnus Spectrum focuses primarily on the colour blue (for growth) and red (for flowering). The Spectrum provides full light requirement of the plant, allowing Magnus Light LED grow lights to be used for the entire life cycle of the plant. Using a Magnus Light will provide a better quality of the final product and a higher yield than you are used to with an HPS or MH lamp on the same surface. And that too in a shorter period because Magnus Light LED grow lights provide a faster growing of the crop; a short life cycle.

The specially designed Magnus Light parabolic lens ensures optimum light distribution. There is a better spread of light to the sides so that you achieve the same result virtually anywhere. The lens also ensures that the light penetrates much deeper below the upper level of the leaves, so that the lower sections of the plants also receive sufficient light. For comparison: Magnus Light LEDs have a deeper and less radiation drop at the outsides than HPS. The parabolic lens also ensures that the colours are combined, so all will reach the full colour spectrum starting at 40 cm.

Magnus Light uses only quality components, so that the highest quality is guaranteed. Magnus grow lights are made of aluminium, which ensures that the lamp is very robust and heat can be quickly discharged. This is the benefit coming from the power of the LEDs. Magnus Light has a 3 years warranty on all COB LED grow lights.


Power consumption: 330 Watt
Comparible with: 600 Watt HPS
Advised height: at least 60 cm above the canopy*
Footprint: 100x100 - 120x120 cm
Lifespan: +50.000
Weight: 8.2 kilogram
Dimensions: 14x35x15 cm
Warranty: 3 years

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Magnus Light ML-350 COB

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